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Are you starting with your e-business and would you like a respectable intro - a promotional video that contains your logo/text?

As you know, the picture can replace a thousand words. Motion picture or video are even more powerful. Especially nowadays, when everyone is busy and do not have time to read the elaborates. A good first impression is the basis of every sales process. Once, animated ads were mainly associated with cartoons. Today, content is the most important thing in marketing, and especially in e-marketing. This makes animations a great promotion tool for almost every industry. Narration in e-marketing is much easier because of the freedom of expression that animation provides. So, if you want to reach your client with your message, you cannot ignore the power of animation.

Browse our huge library of professional, unique animation templates and personalize them to fit your branding. Now, you do not have to pay big costs to hire a graphic or animator. You can have professional animation for a few dollars.


The cavemen already realized that they could explain the world around them with drawings and pictures. Advertising animations are short (from a few seconds to several minutes) animated films. By using an interesting idea for the image and sound, they influence one of the most important reception factors - emotions of the recipient.


Dictionary - explanation of concepts used when creating animations:

  • Beams - a graphic bar in which you can, for example, include a name, function or place.
  • Explainer video - advertising animation of a sales and/or educational nature. Describes the product. You can quickly and easily present your offer in a short time.
  • Educational film (video tutorial) - a video explaining the subject step by step. You can, for example, explain how to use a given product, how to update software, how to use an internet platform, etc.
  • Intro - a short introduction to the film. Usually includes a title, logo, description, date etc. Intro and outro is an important element of brand consistency.
  • Outro - ending the movie in the form of a board with end credits or a call to action.
  • Advertising spot - an attractive form of presenting a company, product, service, etc., in the form of an advertising film, intended for publication on the Internet. The basic tool of modern marketing.
  • Title - a short message, which in a clear and understandable way, will present to the recipient what to expect in the next part of the video. Introduction and encouragement of the recipient to maintain his attention.
  • Video Marketing - marketing activities related to the effective preparation and publication of video materials, spots, films and promotional animations on the Internet. You can create viral movies - attractive image campaigns for the audience.


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