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Many publishing videos precedes them with a short introductory intro, which is a kind of introduction or signature.

Materials prepared in this way seem to be more refined and professional. On various specialist forums and groups there are more and more orders from people who would like to have their own introductory intro.

Intro gives the opportunity to start an interesting recording, for example, introducing the viewer in the right mood, showing the brand's logo and the title of the film.
Intro can be used in many ways, such as:

  • introduction to other advertising films,
  • introduction to business presentations,
  • by posting on social networks and adding information about the company in the description, including the link to the page,
  • placing on the website.




An intro can be used as part of a larger production, e.g. as an introduction. In many cases, you can use it yourself, e.g. as a ready advertisement, or its independent part, episode.
Intro is also a short video clip that is displayed at the beginning of the movie to indicate the author and his personality, the overall style of the channel, or the nature of the company. Sometimes it happens that the intro itself is attractive enough to attract attention. Undoubtedly, having a unique, personalized intro is an effective promotion of a company or some advertising material, or another film, by giving it a more professional character.

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