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First text - Ready to get in shape
Second text - Strenght training
Third text - Weight lifting
Fourth text - Pro trainers
Fifth text - Cardio fitness
Sixth text - Cycling
Seventh text - Group classes
Eighth text -
Ninth text - Open everyday
Tenth text - From 08:00 to 23:00
Eleventh text -
Twelfth text - Main street 23B
Thirteenth text - 0005 your city
Fourteenth text - +001-234-5678



Outro can be used as part of a larger production, as well as independently, e.g. as a ready advertisement, or its independent part, episode.

Having a unique, personalized outro is an effective summary of the video material, and at the same time a chance to provoke the recipient to the desired response.

In this animation you can indicate:

  • fourteen different content
  • your own graphics, e.g. a logotype
  • background image
  • en_USEnglish
    pl_PLPolish en_USEnglish

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